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Kawajun Dual-colour Lever handle (TC)

Kawajun Dual-colour Lever handle (TC)

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Kawajun Dual-colour Lever handle (TC)

Kawajun Lever handle (TC) can choose your own favorite colour for the handle and leather to match your design. Also, you can choose the suitable lock case set for your room with different usages.

Kawajun lever handle can be matched with LM Passage lock set, LM Privacy lock set, LM Indicator lock set, and LM key lock set for those Japanese style lock cases. 

Or you can choose LS Lock case, including LS Key/thumb-turn lock set or LS lock set with coin-turn/thumb-turn.

From Japan

Product model: TC

Colour: Pick your own colours

Material: Brass and leather

Door thickness: 38-55 mm (Please tell us before taking order)

Lockcase: LM lock set /  LS Lock set

*This product needs to be pre-order. Please contact us before you check out.

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