SIGE Infinity Plus Pull-Out Larder 295+ - Euro Plus Asia
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SIGE Infinity Plus Pull-Out Larder 295+

Cabinet Width: 300mm
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Product description

Introducing the Pull-Out Larder by SIGE, from the Infinity Plus series. This is the perfect solution to keep your kitchen organized and tidy. The larder features 6 solid base baskets. The Orion Grey finish adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your kitchen space.

The larder is designed with soft closing mechanism that ensures smooth and gentle closing of the baskets without making any noise. It also helps to prevent any damage to the baskets or the surrounding cabinets.

The pull-out larder is built to handle heavy loads with a maximum weight capacity of 80 kg. You can easily store all your kitchen essentials like spices, cans, bottles, and much more. The solid base baskets provide a stable platform for all your items, preventing any spillage or breakage.

The larder is very easy to install and is suitable for most cabinets. It helps to maximize your storage space by utilizing the depth of your cabinets. The pull-out mechanism allows you to easily access everything you need without having to dig through a cluttered cabinet.